Dani Sánchez is a transdisciplinary social-good designer and strategist, devoted to exploring human worlds and discovering innovative solutions that address human needs and desires, promoting wellbeing and sustainability for individuals, communities and the environment.

Currently, she is an MFA candidate in the Transdisciplinary Design program at Parsons, The New School for Design. After working for 5 years on media and brand development projects, she realized that design, semiotics and strategic thinking could be used beyond the boundaries of the discipline to bring forth innovative solutions for both social and environmental problems, while also recognizing the need for it to incorporate perspectives from other disciplines.

At Parsons she has designed interventions in systems that help tackle complex problems. Exploring the integration of design, social sciences, ethnographic research, media, sustainability and organizational change management to both inform and create innovative human-centered solutions that connect deeply to people’s lives and enable social dreaming. Most recently she has partnered with NASA Earth Science to understand the correlation between more knowledge about local environments and actual sustainable change. A project that formed part of the scenario planning discussion at the 2017 Oxford Futures Forum on the climate imaginaries of the arts and humanities. In addition, she has also produced a speculative design project that addresses and questions the ideologies behind the increase use of rationality within the A.I. industry’s approach to human intelligence, futuring and problem solving. Ultimately, Dani seeks to build worldviews that nurture naturalism, humanism and rationalism, as well as improve the ways expert knowledge is disseminated and presented. Through the use of aesthetics and semiotics, she enhances the effectiveness of strategies by creating visually appealing concepts and prototypes, that are informed by design-led-research, color psychology, social sciences and systems thinking, aiding in making information understandable and accessible to a broader audience.

Prior to Parsons, Dani worked in brand strategy and development, marketing, video content production and communication design, with a focus on the development of meaningful brands. Having lived in México City, Miami, Brighton (UK) and New York, she speaks both Spanish and English fluently, and has her eye set on improving her French. She has a fascination for color, nature, finding solutions within the everyday, and helping connect people to their positive human potential.

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